The Park City Police Department is a community-oriented police organization comprised of 17 sworn officers and 2 civilian employees. We provide around-the-clock police services to the Park City Community. 

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Park City Police     3355 Belvidere Road   Emergency 911     Non-Emergency (847)662-2135(24Hrs)     Fax: (847)623-5046     Front Desk: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00 PM

Dedication              Dignity              Integrity              Professionalism

Chief of Police

Walter Holderbaum


Mission & Vision


Ken Stoves


Records Management 

Deb McFarlin


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The Park City Police Department works in partnership with our diverse community to safeguard the lives, rights and property of the community we serve. With unwavering dedication, we provide innovative professional law enforcement services to our community. We accomplish this mission by maintaining our Core Values while always conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards.