Water and Sewer Committee      

Chairman Claud Dennis  
Grace Hart  
Barbara Telle 


Police Commission    

Mark Bobel  
Al Griese 

City Council ​    

Mayor Steve Pannell

City Clerk Maritza Dirzo

City Treasurer Kevin Kinnavy


Ward One

Alderman Rigoberto Bibian 

Alderman Claud Dennis

Ward Two

Alderman Fabiola Ortega   
Alderman Grace Hart

Ward Three
Alderman Larry Eaker  
Alderman Jeff Kent

City Facilities & Locations

City Government Overview

Park City Public Works Facility 

333 Teske Blvd.

Park City, Illinois 60085 

Park City Hall & Police Department

3355 Belvidere Road

Park City, Illinois 60085

Tel:  (847)662-2135


Diagram of City Functional Subdivisions

City Council, Committees, and Commissions

Finance and License Committee      

Chairman Rigoberto Bibian 

Claud Dennis  
Larry Eaker

Parks & Recreation Board     

Chairman Fabiola Ortega
Maritza Dirzo 
Denise Perez 
Barbara Telle 

Zoning Board of Appeals    

Chairman Jeff Kent 
Marcy Rief 
Rick Jacobs 
Angie Lulek 
Phil Neahous 
Allen Layburn 
Terry Kraemer 

The City of Park City, located in between the City of Waukegan and the Village of Gurnee, in both Warren and Waukegan Township, in Lake County, Illinois.  The City is a home rule municipality, incorporated in 1958 and organized under the Constitution and Laws of the State of Illinois.  The City of Park City operates under a City Council form of government.  The City has six Aldermen, two of which are elected from each of the City’s three (3) wards. The aldermen enact ordinances, sets policy, and approves budgets and expenditures.

City services include police protection, enforcement of building and property maintenance codes, maintenance of public streets and ways, sanitation and nuisance prevention, operation of water and sewer systems, and provision of public parks and a teen center.