Applying for a building permit requires basic information about the project, such as who will perform the work, what work will be done, and how it will be done. The application process also will require you to submit drawings, plans, plat of surveys, or other documents for review. If the construction plans do not meet the City's Building Code and Zoning Ordinance, or other related ordinance requirements, a code enforcement official will explain what needs to be corrected. To receive a permit, you will have to pay a fee. The permit fee helps defray the cost of the City of Park City staff's time spent on the application, and the review and inspection process. CLICK HERE to download the building permit application.

Zoning is the process by which the City of Park City regulates land use.  The official zoning map of the City designates what a property is zoned as.  Chapter 17 of the City Code entitled Zoning, describes regulations for the entire City and for each specific zoning district.  These regulations include, but are not limited to, permitted land usage, building density, building height, parking regulations, and landscaping requirements. CLICK HERE for the City Zoning Ordinance.

Permitted uses are uses that are explicitly allowed in a zone such as single-family homes in an R1 Single-Family district or ice cream store in a C1 Local Shopping District. Special uses are uses that are allowed in a zone only after public hearings. The Planning and Zoning Commission reviews each special use, and the City Council must approve the special use prior to its establishment. Land uses that are not specifically listed as permitted or special uses in a zoning district are not allowed without a Zoning chapter amendment.

The City Zoning Map may be downloaded by

Questions About Your Project And Process

The building permit card must be in a visible location at the construction site. A copy of the approved plans must be on the job site at all times. Any proposed changes to the approved plan must be brought to the attention of the Building Official. Some changes will require review and approval.​

Staff is responsible for enforcing construction standards, building codes, materials, and methods of construction arising from advancing technology.

The following are various City Codes, Ordinances, and Guidelines adopted by the Village and used to review plans once they have been submitted for zoning approvals and/or permits. Ensuring that your submittal complies with these codes can greatly reduce the amount of time needed to conduct plan reviews. 

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Where Can I Find My Plat Of Survey

When the work begins, the City will inspect each major phase of construction. It is the responsibility of the person doing the work to schedule inspections at least 24 hours in advance. If the inspector finds that some of the work does not meet minimum code requirements, he will provide an explanation of the corrections that must be made to bring the work up to acceptable standards. 

When the work has been completed and the inspector approves the final project, you will receive either a Certificate of Occupancy. This will formally mark the completion of the project with the understanding that it has been inspected.​

The plat of survey can be found with the mortgage papers that you received from your lender when you closed on your property. If you do not have your plat of survey with these papers, please call your lender to have them send you a copy. If there has ever been a permit on your property, you can try to find it in the City's Building Department. This process requires filling out a Freedom of Information Act Form. If you cannot find it in either of these locations, you can hire a land surveyor to create a new plat of survey.

The City of Park City's Building Department exists to help make residential and business improvement projects safe and long-lasting. If you need more information about building permits, inspections, and fees, please call us at (847) 623-5030 or send us a message byCLICKING HERE

The Building Department staff is also available to meet and discuss your project specifications. If you hire a professional contractor to do the work, select one who is familiar with local building codes, then apply for a permit whether a professional or a do-it-yourselfer does the job.​

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Applying For A Building Permit

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Applying for an engineering permit requires basic information about the project, such as who will perform the work, what work will be done, and how it will be done. CLICK HERE to download the building permit application.

Applying For A Building Permit

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Applying For An Engineering Permit

A building permit is a license that grants legal permission to begin construction of a building project. Permits and inspections are necessary to verify that all City of Park City Park codes are met.

Building permits are required for a variety of rehabilitation and renovation projects.  This ensures that the work done in your home is safe.  The City conducts inspections at certain intervals of the project to ensure the work being done meets all safety and building code requirements. 

A building permit is generally required for most construction, including new building construction and additions, garages, interior and exterior alterations, driveways, heating and air conditioning work, electrical and plumbing work, swimming pools, fences, patios, decks, sheds, re-roofing, siding, and window replacements, etc..

Residents and businesses can contact the Building Department at 847-623-5030 to inquire if a project requires a building permit.

Most applications for building permits are processed within 10 business days. For large scale construction projects, the review and approval of building permits may require 5 to 6 weeks. The time it takes to obtain a permit depends on the type of construction work being done and what needs to be reviewed.

Building Permits for residential structures are valid for a period of  12 months. Stop work order $100.00. Violation working without a permit $100.00.  Violation working without the required inspections $200.00.  Permits may be renewed after expiration but the applicant will have to pay full the cost of the original permit fee.