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While Park City may only have 7,881 residents, it's market area is much larger and more densely populated not only with residents but area visitors from the

Great Lakes Naval Base. 

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At the heart of the City is the “Old Skokie Road Corridor”. This 1.27 mile stretch of roadway runs parallel to Route 41 and is the main gateway and business corridor for Park City. Positioned as the geographic center of the community, Old Skokie Road also represents an opportunity to create a special place for growth and redevelopment. 

​​The Old Skokie Road Corridor is a north-south arterial street that is under the jurisdiction of the City and is 1.27 miles long. This corridor, which consists of 26 parcels that have a combined land area of 58.77 acres (2,560,021 square feet) is bounded by Washington Street to the north, US Route 41 to the south, the C&NW rail line to the east and Route 41 to the west. In addition, Illinois Route 120 (Belvidere Road) bisects and extends over the corridor thereby resulting in an underpass that connects the northern and southern halves of the corridor. 

Park City has partnered with Munisupport Inc. to begin building the foundation of the City's redevelopment of this corridor. The Old Skokie Road Strategic Plan is the first step.

The City of Park City has a diversified business base. We are at the crossroads between the Chicago and Milwaukee along the US Route 41 Corridor, close proximity to the Tri-State Tollway and Great Lakes Naval Base.  

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Why Park City

Old Skokie Road Strategic Plan 

Park City's elected officials and staff understand the challenges of development. Park City offers strong governmental support with a team of experienced staff and professional development consultants, an expedited approval process, and generous retail sales tax incentives. 

This pro-business community has high traffic regional transportation corridors, multiple sites for both large and small-scale developments, new residential rooftops, and a market gap/leakage of over $1 billion in unmet demand potential for retail trade/food and drink establishments.    

Economic Development within the City is a major focus of City Government.  Economic development involves building a successful economic environment by bringing healthy businesses into both new and established areas of the City and encouraging existing businesses to grow.

​Having a thriving economy gives residents a place to shop, work and get the services they need.  Beyond those benefits, a healthy economy provides greater revenue to the City allowing us to provide greater services to our residents.  By working with businesses, developers and residents, the City strives to build and maintain a successful economy in Park City.