• Tables and chairs will be provided. 12/6 ft. round tables, 70 chairs 
  • All amenities in the kitchen are available for use, except stove top/ oven (the use which is prohibited). 
  • Renter is allowed to bring stereo equipment for music. Bands or loud music are prohibited. 
  • All food must be prepared off site.



Miscellaneous Rules

Alcohol Policy

Contact Information

City Hall - (847) 623-5030

Park City Community Center

The Park City Community Center is now available to rent for parties and events for Park City Residents

  • Renter shall be responsible for the cleaning of the building and surrounding premises after the renter's use of the Community Center. The renter will leave the building as they found it, returning tables and chairs to their original location 
  • Renter is responsible for any damages to the building, building equipment, and/or furniture that is used during the rental period. 
  • Vacuum / broom will be provided along with garbage bags that must be placed in the garbage can next to building at the end of the night. 
  • All leftover food must be removed/thrown away. 

Equipment Available

  • Location: 333 Teske Blvd Park City 60085
  • Community Center is available for rent daily between 12pm to 10pm   
  • Max capacity: 70 people
  • Cost:
    • ​Deposit fee: $200.00 
    • Rent all day: $300.00 
  • Cancellation policy: Must cancel 48 hrs. before event for full refund, after 48 hours $50.00 will not be returned
  • Renter will pay deposit upon filing application with cash or money order only (payable to "City of Park City"). Only after receipt of the deposit will the Community Center be booked for party.




  • No pets are allowed inside the building. 
  • Parking is permitted in parking lot of the Community Center building and 
  • Parking spots by the park. No parking permitted in the area of the homes of the residents of Park City.
  • Only beer and wine are permitted on the premises. Possession or use of hard Alcohol is prohibited on the premises. 
  • Renter may not sell or permit the sale of alcohol beverages on the premises. Use or consumption of alcohol beverages is permitted. 
  • Renter must pay an extra $50.00 if renter wants to provide or use alcohol during use of the Community Center.​​