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Link to the copy of the “City of Park City Redevelopment Plan and Project – Old Skokie Road TIF District” posted on (date of posting), which is made available for public inspection pursuant to 65 ILCS 5/11-74.4-5(a).

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Proposed TIF District



Economic Development within the City is a major focus of City Government.  Economic development involves building a successful economic environment by bringing healthy businesses into both new and established areas of the City and encouraging existing businesses to grow.

​Having a thriving economy gives residents a place to shop, work and get the services they need.  Beyond those benefits, a healthy economy provides greater revenue to the City allowing us to provide greater services to our residents.  By working with businesses, developers and residents, the City strives to build and maintain a successful economy in Park City.

​​At the heart of the City is the “Old Skokie Road Corridor”. This 1.27 mile stretch of roadway runs parallel to Route 41 and is the main gateway and business corridor for Park City. Positioned as the geographic center of the community, Old Skokie Road also represents an opportunity to create a special place for growth and redevelopment. 

Park City has partnered with Munisupport Inc. to begin to build the foundation of the City's redevelopment of this corridor. The Old Skokie Road Strategic Plan is the first step. READ MORE.......

​For those who wish to receive information and updates regarding the Tax Increment Financing District proposed for properties along Old Skokie Road, please click on the link below.